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Apr 01, 2017
Apr 30, 2017
Joan Ramos / Mike Asuncion
Lakwatcha-baguio Lakwatcha-baguio
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baguio-mike-and-ai-8 baguio-mike-and-ai-8
baguio_transient_house-1 baguio_transient_house-1
baguio_transient_house-8 baguio_transient_house-8
baguio_transient_house-7 baguio_transient_house-7
baguio_transient_house-6 baguio_transient_house-6
baguio_transient_house-4 baguio_transient_house-4
baguio_transient_house-3 baguio_transient_house-3
baguio_transient_house-2 baguio_transient_house-2
baguio-2 baguio-2
baguio-6 baguio-6
burnham-park-baguio-city burnham-park-baguio-city
mansionbaguio mansionbaguio
burnham_park_baguio_city burnham_park_baguio_city

Baguio 3D2N all-in!


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  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Cable Television
  • Hot & Cold Water Additional
  • Aircon Van
  • Gas and Toll
  • Tour Guide

Thanks for being with us during the back-to-back birthday celebration of my baby brothers in Baguio.
Being from Manila, we wouldn’t be able to go to all our wish list destinations without James and your great van.
Looking forward to more Lakwatcha with you. Thanks,

– Xab and Family, Baguio, Nov. 12-13

The trip was nice except for the rainy weather! Ryan is kind and always nagmamadali which save us time from the traffic! Sobrang challenging Ng traffic pero he manage to out run it!

– Ms. Em Jay, Baguio, Nov. 26-27

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Will run from:
Apr 01, 2017
Apr 30, 2017
Joan Ramos / Mike Asuncion